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Essential Dental Care

AJ Warren, Dental Clinic, Singapore

Your Best Dental Health Ever

We provide a comprehensive range of dental services and solutions in Singapore

         Scaling and Polishing   - 30 min and up


         Dental Fillings   - 10 min and up


         Periodontal Care (for gum disease)    - 30 min and up


         Root Canal Treatment & Therapy   - 90 min


         Tooth Extractions   - 15 min and up


         Dentures (Complete/Partial)   - 3 to 4 sessions

We maintain an up-to-date and cutting edge collection of equipment and instruments, to give you the best dental experience. Our high tech. cameras and imaging enables effective, accurate diagnosis for your benefit.

Your dental check-up is completely personalized and tailored with a detailed consultation.

Make an appointment. It's easy, fast and essential.

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