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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

painless wisdom tooth extraction singapore

Dental emergency pain. Swelling, difficulty swallowing and fever are some common symptoms.

Painless wisdom tooth extraction Singapore

"Impacted teeth can be painful because they cause crowding to the neighbouring teeth, nerves, and other nearby tissues."


What is wisdom tooth and why it hurts


Wisdom teeth are also known third molars which are the last teeth to erupt. They are located right at the last tooth, each corner of the mouth and they usually develop around the age of 17, although it can be as late as the early twenties in some people.

In some cases, wisdom teeth develop properly and cause no problems. However, more frequently, they are misaligned or even impacted, and require extraction or surgical removal. Some wisdom teeth are painless, but may be undergoing a cystic formation which will require surgical intervention. 


Any tooth in the mouth can be impacted, however it is most commonly associated with wisdom teeth as they are the last teeth to erupt. Coupled with the fact the wisdom teeth have less space to grow in the jawbones and crowding of the other neighbouring teeth in front, the third molar grows into an impacted position. The wisdom tooth will grow to its full size, but it may rotate sideways or be pushed in a downward position to make space for its growth. It may pierce through the overlying gum tissue, creating a gum pocket for food trap and bacteria to channel in.


Impacted teeth can be painful because they cause crowding to the neighbouring teeth, nerves, and other nearby tissues. This can cause jaw problems such as cystic changes around the tooth, bone damage, tooth decay of the adjacent teeth, and more. Additionally, partial tooth eruption creates an opening where bacteria can enter, causing an infection around the tooth, resulting in jaw stiffness, swelling, pain, and overall illness. In cases where bacteria infection surrounding the wisdom teeth is not treated, the infection tracts down to the neck and becomes a life-threatening emergency.



Wisdom tooth removal procedures


Most people shun away when they think of wisdom teeth removal. For some removal of wisdom teeth produces the best option for a better eating function, better alignment of teeth especially those undergoing braces treatment, reducing the risk of damaging neighboring teeth and for a better oral health.


It is understandable that removing a single wisdom tooth is a scary task, let alone four teeth. When considering wisdom teeth extraction or surgery, our dentist at AJ Warren Dental Clinic endeavours to put your worries at ease. As much as possible to redirect your focus and anxiety to make wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore a painless and stress-free process, so that we can turn your experience into a positive one.


Throughout the process, you can be assured that you will be put in a comfortable environment. Your teeth will be numb by using effective local anesthetic which prevents the transmission of pain, for a painless wisdom teeth extraction. After the wisdom teeth are removed, a couple of stiches may be required to close up the wound. Our minimally invasive procedure will certainly aid in your recovery time.


Wisdom teeth removal, like any extraction procedures may typically cause some amount of soreness afterwards. This can be well managed by prescribed medications during the recovery period. Having a sensible diet and application of cool ice-pack may help in your receovery. If you require a painless wisdom tooth removal, book an appointment with us now. We will arrange an appointment for you immediately.

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